Advantage II for cats

If you notice that your cat became restless, scratches itself and bites into its coat with teeth, you can be sure – the pet got infested with fleas. This problem should not be treated irresponsibly. Don’t forget that people also suffer from dangerous parasites, and not just the pets.

Advantage II for cats is an effective and safe medicine, which provides a fast action and had a low toxicity for cats. It attacks the nervous system of parasites, paralyzes and kills them.

The main advantages of Advantage II for cats are:

  • 100% effective.
  • Kills all four stages of fleas.
  • The effect is achieved in 12 hours.
  • Easy and convenient in application topical medicine.

Read Advantage II for cats instructions before you start the treatment. This medicine is very simple to use, but you need to do everything correctly. The instructions describe adequately the main aspects of the use of medicine against fleas. Here are the most important details:

  • Dosage: one tube once a month.
  • Place of application: skin on the neck at the base of the head.
  • Only for cats aged 2 months and older.
  • The drug should not get into the pet’s eyes or mouth.

Advantage II for cats may be used more often than once every 30 days. In case of serious flea infestations, treatment can be repeated up to 4 times a month (at regular intervals).

Reviews for Advantage II for cats were generally positive. The drug has established itself as a very effective form of flea infestation treatment, which doesn’t bother pets too much with side effects.

Advantage II for cats is a popular and frequently used medicine. It is available for sale in many veterinary pharmacies, yet is often sold at a high price. Low prices can be found at online sellers.

Compare Advantage II for cats at Walmart, PetSmart, Petco and other online retailers. If you are satisfied with the price, follow a few simple steps to order Advantage II for cats online.

Choose the desired package of Advantage II for cats:

  • 4 pack
  • 6 pack.

If you plan to provide your cat with a long-lasting protection against fleas, order one or more large packages. Thus, you will save on delivery. In addition, the price of a tube in a large package is lower than the price of a tube in a small package. If you want to save even more, use AdvantageII for cats coupons.

You can order Advantage II for cats in the UK, Canada, the US or any other country in the world. Delivery price depends on the chosen delivery method and place of residence.