If you are looking for this herb, you probably know already that it can boost your natural testosterone production and help address the issue of low libido and infertility. In fact, Ashwagandha supplements that you can find on iHerb or trustworthy online pharmacies can provide a bunch of other health benefits, including:

  • Helping you cope with stress
  • Raising the strength levels
  • Enhancing the metabolic response
  • Assisting the body in fighting a variety of diseases and conditions.

Of course, for many men suffering with erectile dysfunction and low libido, all the mentioned advantages are more of a bonus to the natural testosterone-boosting effect of Ashwagandha.

If you notice your sexual desire and sexual performance decline, you better discuss these issues with a healthcare professional. However, if the problems are mild or the typically recommended medications for erectile dysfunction are too expensive for you, you can opt for Ashwagandha-containing supplements.

Please note that clinical trials, during which the ability of Ashwagandha to provide aphrodisiac and fertility enhancing effects was proven, involved the use of the root extract. This part of the plant is the one responsible for boosting the testosterone and improving the quality of semen.

How fast does it take for this testosterone booster to work

Speaking of overall health improvement, Ashwagandha users report of almost immediate effects, especially those who suffer from anxiety and take this supplement to improve their mental condition.

When it comes to boosting your testosterone and addressing the erectile dysfunction and low libido issues, the clinical trials conducted usually assessed the stats in 90 days of Ashwagandha use. And the improvement results were rather high, namely:

  • Sperm count – by approx. 170%
  • Volume and motility of the semen – both by over 50%
  • Greater improvement and regulation in serum testosterone level.

So, it’s fair to say that this ancient aphrodisiac does provide the testosterone boosting effect, along with improving your fertility in all different ways. Of course, even though the results provided were obtained in the 90th day of the trials, it doesn’t mean that the improvement came exactly in that 90th day.

You should feel a gradual improvement in your sexual performance with each day of using Ashwagandha supplement. Still, you should not expect an immediate effect. The action is rather strong, yet your body needs some time to provide lasting response.

Therefore, if you are planning to buy Ashwagandha supplement on iHerb, it’s a wise thing to compare the price for this supplement in other online pharmacies as well. You will need to take it 3 months or more, so make sure that it doesn’t empty your wallet.

Besides, make sure that the pharmacy you choose can deliver the package to your country of residence and that the delivery costs are not higher than the cost of the actual supplement. If you have any questions, you can ask the pharmacist or the support team of the online drugstore.