Lorcaserin Canada

Lorcaserin is one of the most recently developed weight loss agents. It was approved by the FDA in June 2012. After that, the appetite suppressant Lorcaserin appeared in the US pharmacies.

Brand names for Lorcaserin :

  • Belviq: 10mg immediate release tablets.
  • Belviq XR: 20 mg extended release tablets.

Residents of the United States suffering from obesity can go to the nearest pharmacy and buy Lorcaserin. Health Canada has not approved this drug, and therefore it is not available for sale in Canada.

The manufacturer of Lorcaserin is the pharmaceutical company Arena. It is possible that Lorcaserin will soon appear on the shelves of Canadian pharmacies. This will happen when the Arena Company proves Health Canada that the benefits of using their diet pills outweighs the potential risks.

You can always order Lorcaserin online, and start fighting overweight or obesity. All you need to do is choose a pharmacy that delivers Lorcaserin 10mg and 20mg tablets to Canada.

Lorcaserin cost in Canada will depend on the shipping costs and the drug price in the US. Check out the options available. Perhaps, you can find an online pharmacy offering inexpensive or free shipping.

Lorcaserin is not the cheapest anorexigenic drug. To buy 30 pills, you will need to spend over $250-300 (depending on the dosage form). 30 XR pills are sufficient for one month of treatment.

Lorcaserin is sold at a high price, because Arena has no competitors on the part of generic version manufacturers. The situation will change, when the term of the patent protection of the brand drug Belviq expires.

Before ordering Lorcaserin online in Canada, make sure that you have no contraindications, and you can begin treatment.

Anti-obesity drug is contraindicated in the following conditions:

  • Pregnancy.
  • Known hypersensitivity to Lorcaserin.

Each Lorcaserin package includes a product insert for the patient. Read it, and only then begin your weight loss course.

You should not use Lorcaserin dose over 20mg in an attempt to enhance the appetite suppressing effect. Excessive doses do not increase the treatment effectiveness and can cause side effects (insomnia, fatigue, nausea, etc.)

The effectiveness of the drug should be evaluated 12 weeks after the start of treatment. During this time, you should lose more than 5% of the initial weight. If this does not happen, you must stop using Lorcaserin 10 mg or 20 mg pills, and consider other treatment options.