Lisdexamfetamine generic

Lisdexamfetamine is the name of the active substance, as well as the International Nonproprietary Names (INNs) and the unique generic name. It is approved in the entire world, and can not belong to any pharmaceutical company. It is a public property.

Therefore, if you buy Lisdexamfetamine, the packaging may indicate different manufacturers. If the medicine is sold under the brand name, the name of the active ingredient “Lisdexamfetamine” will be indicated under it.

What is Lisdexamfetamine and its generic equivalents?

This medicine is used to treat two conditions:

  • BED – Binge Eating Disorder.
  • ADHD – Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

Lisdexamfetamine is an oral medication. For BED or ADHD therapy, people use:

  • Chewable tablet (at 10mg to 60mg).
  • Immediate-release capsule (at 10mg to 70mg).

Lisdexamfetamine is avilable for sale in the US and Australia under the name Vyvanse (approval date: February 2007). In the UK, this medicine is known as Elvanse. The supplier of both drugs is Shire Company.

Any original medicine always has patent protection. As a rule, it is valid for 10-20 years. After the patent protection expires, the drug formula gets into the “public domain”.

Starting at this point, any pharmaceutical company can produce and sell a medicine, which has the same formula. The process of production and sale is subjected to the same strict and rigorous control, regardless of whether this drug is generic or not.

In fact, a generic medicine is a copy of the original drug. It may appear on sale after the expiration of the patent validity. Lisdexamfetamine generics and brand name drugs are the same in terms of dosage, safety, route of administration, quality and effectiveness.

The rerm of patent protection for Vyvanse is not over yet. However, the FDA has already issued tentative approvals to several companies. At the moment, these are:

  • Actavis
  • Roxane
  • Amneal
  • Mylan
  • Sandoz

Advantages of generics

The main advantage of generic versions of Lisdexamfetamine is their cost. This is because the manufacturers do not need to invest in clinical trials. The molecule has already been identified and studied well.

Cost of Lisdexamfetamine generics may be lower by 30% or more, copared to the original. In most cases, the emergence of generics prompts manufacturers of branded drugs to reduce prices.

Today, the price of 30 Vyvanse capsules exceeds $300-$400, depending on the place of purchase and dosage strength. If your health insurance does not cover Vyvanse, the costs of long-term ADHD treatment can be very high.

Generics for sale

Cheap generic Lisdexamfetamine drugs are available right now, although not in every single country of the world. Unfortunately, you will not find them in the pharmacies of the US, Canada or the UK. Generics are sold in countries, where different standards of patent protection apply.

If you want to reduce costs, buy Lisdexamfetamine generics from India. In this country, generic drugs are produced at very low prices in wholesale numbers. The pharmaceutical industry is protected by law from lawsuits from companies abroad.

To find a medicine that is ideal for you and your wallet, you do not need to go to India. All you need to do is order cheap Lisdexamfetamine generics online.

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