Mifepristone Cost

Abortion Pill

Why do women choose abortion with pills to terminate a pregnancy? For several reasons:

  • A simple and safe therapeutic method.
  • Pills can be taken at home.
  • There is no surgical intervention or anesthesia.

Your abortion can be free or inexpensive with a medical insurance. However, not all insurance plans cover medical abortions.

You can get Mifepristone at a low cost (sometimes free of charge) in various medical centers. However, not every city and not every country in the world has such centers.

Either way, you always have the opportunity to buy Mifepristone in an online pharmacy. This is easier than it seems at first glance. To do this, you need to perform a few simple steps:

  • Introduce the required amount of medicine.
  • Specify the delivery address.
  • Choose the payment and delivery method.
  • If you are comfortable with the cost, pay the order.

Note. You need to buy not only Mifepristone (one tablet 200mg). You must get one more medicine. It is called Misoprostol and is used in combination with Mifepristone (but not at the same time).

Usually, Mifepristone tablets are sold together with Misoprostol tablets. Therefore, you will not have any problems when ordering abortion pills online.

But here’s the thing. Any medicine can be sold under a brand name. In this regard, abortion pills are not an exception. If you are offered such a medicine, make sure that the active substance Mifepristone is indicated in addition to the brand name.

For example, in the United States you can buy Mifeprex (Mifepristone 200 mg pills). If you want to buy Mifepristone at a low cost in India, Kenya, Canada, Jamaica, Nigeria, Australia or South Africa, they can have a different name.

Another important point. Some branded medicines (e.g., Korlym) contain 300 mg of Mifepristone. They are used for other medical purposes. You need specifically 200 mg tablets.

If you want to buy Mifepristone at a low price, you better not choose branded medicines. Usually, they are more expensive than their generic versions.

Their effectiveness and safety are exactly the same. Therefore, people choose to buy Mifepristone generics online as a way to reduce costs and save time.

Choosing the online pharmacy, you get a guarantee of confidentiality, convenience and ease of buying at low prices, as well as an access to brand-name drugs and generics.