Levonorgestrel Tablets

If you are in trouble and you are looking for an effective emergency contraceptive, choose Levonorgestrel tablets. They will protect against an unplanned pregnancy, including when you forget to take your usual oral contraceptives in time.

In American pharmacies, you can buy:

  • Levonorgestrel 0.75 mg tablets.
  • Levonorgestrel 1.5 mg tablets.

Brand name of Levonorgestrel tablets in the US:

  • Athentia Next
  • Fallback Solo
  • Her Style.

If you order Levonorgestrel tablets at a low price from India, they can be available for sale under different brand names. The main thing is you need to make sure that the dose of tablets is either 0.75 mg or 1.5 mg.

Be attentive. These drugs are used in different ways, and are intended for women of different ages. Read the patient information leaflet before you start using them.

Administration information and dosage

Levonorgestrel tablets of 0.75 mg are recommended for women aged 17 years and under. In order to prevent an unplanned pregnancy, you need to buy 2 Levonorgestrel pills of 0.75 mg and use them correctly.

The first 0.75 mg pill should be swallowed within 3 days (72 hours) after an unprotected sex. The second pill of 0.75 mg should be swallowed 12 hours after the first one. Do not forget to take this dose. Otherwise, the medicine may not work.

Levonorgestrel 1.5 mg tablets are available for sale without a prescription (for women over 17 years of age), or by prescription (women under 17 years old). In order to protect yourself against pregnancy, one pill is sufficient. It should be taken within 3 days (72 hours) after sexual activity.

If you want to order Levonorgestrel tablets online, pay attention to their dose. Some birth control pills also contain the active substance Levonorgestrel (0.03mg). These pills are not intended for emergency contraception.

Before you buy Levonorgestrel tablets online, make sure they will be delivered quickly. You should use the pills within up to 72 hours after a sexual intercourse. Therefore, you may need to choose express delivery.

Side effects and cautions

Since a total dose of 1.5 mg should be taken just once, Levonorgestrel is considered a safe and effective medicine. However, 1.5 mg is a high dose of sex hormones. It causes short-term adverse events in many women.

List frequent side effects of Levonorgestrel tablets:

Lack of strength and energy
Bleeding, not associated with menstruation

Such events are usually mild. If you feel that they are too severe, consult a doctor.